@static an S3 bucket for hosting static assets uploaded from public/ folder

  • No parameters are required
  • fingerprint enables static asset file fingerprinting (and long-lived caching headers)
  • ignore ignores files from public/ folder
  • serialize will serialize smaller files into API Gateway upon deployment


This .arc file defines a static bucket:


fingerprint true


Locally, if the folder public/ exists, whenever you run arc deploy the contents are published to the staging stack. If you set arc deploy production the contents of public/ are deployed to the production stack.

To only deploy static assets from /public (and not function sources from /src), you can provide any of --static, static or -s flags, i.e. arc deploy static.

To delete remote static assets on the S3 bucket that do not exist locally, provide the optional --prune or --delete flag, i.e. arc deploy static --prune.

🥣 Serialize

This is an experimental feature. Serialize static assets directly into API Gateway as mocks.


  • Minimize network traffic
  • Save on Lambda invocations


  • Requires a CloudFormation stack update to deploy which is slower than syncing a file to S3
  • Can quickly bloat the generated CloudFormation template to max

Currently supported file types

  • html
  • css
  • js
  • mjs
  • svg

Opt in:


serialize true

get /

Running arc deploy will serialize public/ into sam.json.

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