Lambda functions simplified

.arc is a plaintext manifest for defining next generation cloud infrastructure
  • Version control your architecture and create cloud infra in minutes from an .arc manifest
  • Deploy in seconds with first class support for staging and production
  • Work locally while completely offline with a speedy in-memory database
  • Primitives not Frameworks; define app architecture agnostic of vendor arcana

Orchestrate and leverage powerful Amazon Web Services cloud primitives without frustrating configuration:


npm i @architect/workflows

Everything starts with an .arc file:

# this is an .arc file

get /
get /hellos
post /hello

npx create generates Lambda function code and deploys it:

├── src
│   └── html
│       ├── get-index/
│       ├── get-hellos/
│       └── post-hello/
├── .arc
└── package.json

And npx deploy ships iterations on your code to the cloud in seconds. 🌩

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