Provision and deploy cloud infrastructure with a simple plaintext manifest

Event driven programming with cloud functions can be tricky to set up and maintain. architect uses a simple plaintext manifest and npm script based workflows for provisioning cloud infrastructure in minutes and deploying in seconds.

Currently, architect supports the following Amazon Web Services:

Everything you do with architect starts with a .arc file:

# this is an .arc file

get /
get /hellos
post /hello

Running npm run create generates cloud function code locally:

|-- src
|   `-- html
|       |-- get-index/
|       |-- get-hellos/
|       `-- post-hello/
|-- .arc
`-- package.json

And npm run deploy ships this code to the cloud. 🌩

Infra primitives

  • HTTP route handler functions for application/json and text/html
  • Subscribe functions to events (and publish events from any other function)
  • Scheduled functions
  • Database tables, indexes, and trigger functions


  • Create infra from an .arc manifest, enabling deletion and re-creation of infrastructure trivial (i.e. change availability zones in minutes)
  • Deploy in seconds with first class support for staging and production with a proper NODE_ENV environment variable
  • Work locally while completely offline with a speedy in-memory database

Next steps