arc deploy

Deploys code to AWS.


arc deploy [production|static|direct]


  • [--no-hydrate] Do not automatically run npm, bundle or pip
  • [dirty, --dirty, -d] Overwrite staging Lambda with local source. A faster way to deploy and test small changes to individual functions without redeploying an entire stack.
  • [--dry-run] Creates a CloudFormation template but does not deploy it. A dry-run allows you to check the CloudFormation and SAM output before deploying the actual stack.
  • [production, --production, -p] Deploys a CloudFormation stack to a production stack.
  • [prune, --prune] Remove assets not present in the local static folder.
  • [static, --static, -s] Deploys only the files in the static folder.
  • [verbose, --verbose, -v] Displays the full deploy status messages.
  • [tags, --tags, -t] Adds resource tags to the CloudFormation stack.
  • [name, --name, -n] Deploy a custom named staging stack.


Deploy a staging stack

arc deploy

Protip: deploy arbitrary named staging stacks with arc deploy --name my-stack

Deploy a production stack

arc deploy production

Deploy static assets to S3

arc deploy static

Deploy code directly to the staging Lambda

arc deploy dirty src/http/get-index

Run deploy without deploying

This is useful for testing @macros; it will still generate sam.json.

arc deploy --dry-run