Sharing code

Architect makes it easy to share code across many Lambda functions. Apps most commonly need to share business logic and view templates so Architect provides @shared and @views capability. Architect copies the contents of src/shared into all Lambdas and src/views into Lambda functions wired to respond to @http GET requests.

Example app.arc


src src/shared # this is the default

src src/views # this is the default

get /
post /like

No matter where @shared source is configured it gets copied to every Lambda. The destination is slightly different depending on runtime:

Runtime @shared destination
Node src/http/get-index/node_modules/@architect/shared
Ruby src/http/get-index/vendor/shared
Python src/http/get-index/vendor/shared

Likewise, @views runtime destinations:

Runtime @views destination
Node src/http/get-index/node_modules/@architect/views
Ruby src/http/get-index/vendor/views
Python src/http/get-index/vendor/views

Tip: the entire contents of src/shared are copied so we strongly suggest keeping the directory structure as flat as possible, and the payloads as small as possible to ensure the best performance.


@shared and @views support having their own dependencies defined by package.json, requirements.txt or Gemfile.