arc sandbox

Architect projects work locally and offline. It emulates most app resources defined in app.arc:

  • @http
  • @static
  • @ws
  • @events
  • @queues
  • @tables and @indexes

At this time arc sandbox does not emulate @scheduled


arc sandbox [--port|--verbose|--disable-symlinks|--no-hydrate]


  • -p, --port, port Manually specify HTTP port (default 3333)
  • -v, --verbose, verbose Enable verbose logging
  • --disable-symlinks Disable symlinking src/shared and copy instead
  • --no-hydrate Disables hydration

Environment variables

  • NODE_ENV default testing
  • ARC_API_TYPE - Set the API Gateway API type
    • Can be one of http (aliased to httpv2), httpv1, rest
    • Defaults to http
  • ARC_QUIET - If present, disable (most) logging
  • PORT - Manually specify HTTP port
    • Defaults to 3333
  • ARC_EVENTS_PORT- Manually specify event bus port
    • Defaults to 3334
  • ARC_TABLES_PORT- Manually specify local DynamoDB port
    • Defaults to 3335
  • ARC_LOCAL- If present and used in conjunction with NODE_ENV=staging|production, emulates live staging or production environment
    • Uses your local .arc-env file's @staging or @production environment variables
    • Connects Sandbox to live AWS events and DynamoDB infra
    • Requires valid AWS credentials with the same profile name as defined in your project manifest

Local Database

Sandbox creates an in-memory instance of dynalite with @tables and @indexes found in the app.arc file. When Sandbox is terminated, any data written is cleared from memory. The default endpoint is http://localhost:5000. You can set a custom port by using an environment variable, ARC_TABLES_PORT=5555

Connect sandbox to the staging database

NODE_ENV=staging ARC_LOCAL=1 arc sandbox

File watching

The sandbox restarts when the following files or directories are modified:

  • app.arc
  • @views source folder
  • @shared source folder
  • @static source folder if fingerprinting is enabled