arc init

Bootstrap new Architect project code. Running arc init in an empty directory creates a default app.arc manifest file named after that directory with one default function src/http/get-index. Edit app.arc adding functions and re-run arc init to generate further code. This command is intended to be run and re-run; it will only generate files if they do not already exist.


arc init [--static|--runtime]


  • [--static, -s] Create a new project with @static folder set to public
  • [--runtime, -r] Create a new project with a specified runtime, options are node, deno, python, or ruby
  • [--verbose, -v] Even more output

Local preferences: @create

arc init can use specified templates when scaffolding new resources. Options are set with @create in local preferences.

  • templates - Specify templates for automatic resource scaffolding.
    • <pragma name> path/to/template.ext
  http path/to/template/http.js
  events path/to/template/


Create a new app

mkdir myapp
cd myapp
arc init

Create a Node app with Architect installed locally

npm init @architect myapp
npm init "@architect" myapp