arc init

Bootstrap new Architect project code. Running arc init in an empty directory creates a default app.arc manifest file named after that directory with one default function src/http/get-index. Edit app.arc adding functions and re-run arc init to generate further code. This command is intended to be run and re-run; it will only generate files if they do not already exist.


arc init [-s|--static|static|-r|--runtime|runtime|-v|--verbose|verbose]


  • [-s, --static, static] create a new project with @static folder set to public
  • [-r, --runtime, runtime ] create a new project with a specified runtime, options are node, deno, python, or ruby
  • [-v, --verbose, verbose] even more output


Create a new app

mkdir myapp
cd myapp
arc init

Create a Node app with Architect installed locally

npm init @architect myapp