@aws is a vendor-specific space for declaring your AWS region & profile


  • Accepts values for the following keys:
    • region *: AWS region ID of the region you'll deploy this project to
    • profile *: name of the profile you prefer to use with this project, as defined in your local AWS profile
    • runtime: Lambda runtime, can be one of:
      • nodejs10.x, nodejs8.10, python3.7, python3.6, or ruby2.5
    • bucket *: bucket (in same region) for CloudFormation deployment artifacts

* - Required to deploy to AWS

For more on working with AWS, please see: Multiple AWS Accounts.

Alternatively, if you want a less granular approach, you can declare your preferred region and profile in your .bashrc (more information here).

If you have AWS exports in your .bashrc and @aws specified in your .arc project, the @aws section will win.


For example, to deploy to the northern California AWS AZ with your AWS work profile's credentials, use:

region us-west-1
profile work

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