Configure individual Lambda function properties

  • runtime - Officially supported: one of nodejs10.x, nodejs8.10, python3.7, python3.6, or ruby2.5
    • Also configurable, but not officially supported by Architect: java8, go1.x, dotnetcore2.1
  • memory - number, between 128 MB and 3008 MB in 64 MB increments
    • Memory size also directly correlates with CPU speed; higher memory levels are available in more capable Lambda clusters
  • timeout - number, in seconds (max 900)
  • concurrency - number, 0 to AWS account maximum (if not present, concurrency is unthrottled)
  • layers - Lambda layer ARNs (must be in the same region as deployed)
  • policies - Additional Lambda role policy ARNs

Read more about the Lambda limits and resource model.

runtime python3.7
memory 256
timeout 3
concurrency 1
layers {ARN}
policies {ARN}

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