npx config

Scans local code for .arc-config files and verifies the corresponding deployment Lambdas configuration. The .arc-config file is a configuration manifest file that lives in the same folder as each lambda it configures. This file is intended to be committed into your project git repository.

An example .arc-config file:

timeout 30000
memory 512
  • timeout is a number in seconds for the Lambda timeout
  • memory The amount of memory, in MB, your Lambda function is given; the value must be a multiple of 64 MB

npx config apply applies .arc-config to the corresponding staging and production Lambdas.

Config Management

Some further notes and considerations:

  • Currently the only options are memory and timeout (but the only remaining option would be runtime)
  • Scoped under @aws so future configs can be added in a mostly cloud agnostic manner while retaining a minimal footprint on the actual business logic of your project code