Architect preferences (preferences.arc, or prefs.arc) defines settings for local Architect workflows.

Define arc sandbox preferences. If you are not using a .env file then any environment variables set using the arc env CLI will be stored in the preferences file. In this scenario it is best not to revision the preferences file in source control.

env - Boolean

Advanced option: set the ARC_ENV + NODE_ENV stage to staging or production and use the env vars for that stage (see the @env pragma above); if not specified, defaults to testing. This setting may introduce unexpected side effects, so only use it if you have a specific technical reason.

env staging

useAWS - Boolean

Advanced option that uses live AWS infrastructure where deployed, specifically: @tables / @indexes (DynamoDB), @events (EventBridge), and @queues (SQS). Notes:

  • To use this feature, your local AWS credentials file must have valid keys to use this infrastructure (or calls to AWS will fail)
  • If you do not specify an environment, staging will be set automatically; you can also use production
useAWS true

no-hydrate - Boolean

Disables hydration

no-hydrate true