Architect preferences (preferences.arc, or prefs.arc) defines settings for local Architect workflows. This file is intended to be added to .gitignore.

Define arc sandbox preferences.

env - Boolean

Advanced option: set the ARC_ENV + NODE_ENV stage to staging or production and use the env vars for that stage (see the @env pragma above); if not specified, defaults to testing. This setting may introduce unexpected side effects, so only use it if you have a specific technical reason.

env staging

useAWS - Boolean

Advanced option that uses live AWS infrastructure where deployed, specifically: @tables / @indexes (DynamoDB), @events (EventBridge), and @queues (SQS). Notes:

  • To use this feature, your local AWS credentials file must have valid keys to use this infrastructure (or calls to AWS will fail)
  • If you do not specify an environment, staging will be set automatically; you can also use production
useAWS true


Execute arbitrary commands or scripts on Sandbox startup.

  echo 'Hi there!'
  npm run test
  node some/arbitrary/script.js