Architect is the quickest way to build serverless web apps on AWS

Open your terminal to install arc and the AWS SDK:

npm i -g @architect/architect aws-sdk

Check the version:

arc version

Protip: run arc with no arguments to get help

Work locally

Create a new app:

mkdir testapp
cd testapp
arc init

Kick up the local dev server:

arc sandbox

Cmd / Ctrl + c exits the sandbox

Deploy to AWS

Deploy to a staging stack:

arc deploy

Protip: create additional staging stacks with --name

Ship a production stack:

arc deploy production

Be safe! Set the ARC_APP_SECRET environment variable in production to secure your HTTP sessions; more information in the env CLI reference

Or eject to CloudFormation and deploy with the AWS SAM CLI:

arc deploy --dry-run
sam package --template-file sam.json --output-template-file out.yaml --s3-bucket mybukkit
sam deploy --template-file out.yaml --stack-name MyStack --s3-bucket mybukkit --capabilities CAPABILITY_IAM