Example @text route handler:

let arc = require('@architect/functions')

function handler(req, res) {
    text: `just some plain text`

exports.handler = arc.text.get(handler)

Things to understand:

  • arc.text.get accepts one or more functions that follow Express-style middleware signature: (req, res, next)=>
  • req is a plain object with path, method, query, params, and body keys
  • res is a function that must be invoked with named params:
    • text a plain Object value
    • or location with a URL value (a string starting w /)
    • session (optional) a plain Object
    • status (optional) HTTP error status code responses: 500, 403, or 404
  • res can also be invoked with an Error
    • optionally the Error instance property of code, status or statusCode can be one of 403, 404 or 500 to change the HTTP status code
  • next is an optional function to continue middleware execution