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In progress

Join our Slack to talk about .arc work in progress and production. The arc-repos/arc-workflows issue tracker is a good place to find out whats currently going on too.

Recently shipped

  • @queue functions
  • @text routes
  • @css routes
  • @js routes
  • @xml routes
  • arc-env env variables
  • arc-config configuration management
  • @static support added to .arc for universal render support
  • npm run dns generates a CNAME that points to an S3 CloudFront Distribution from @domain value
  • arc-functions first class Error support
  • arc-functions consolidate req / res impl
  • arc-docs guides for http, csrf and req._url helpers
  • arc-dns to paper over the API Gateway, AWS Certificate Manager, and Route53 setup
  • @slack section for generating Slack app endpoints with API Gateway and Lambda

Help requested

  • arc-docs translations
  • Syntax highlighting for .arc in popular editors and Prism

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